How Mary Works

Purchase a Mary Hobbs original of your loved ones, pet, home or something else you love.

Every image is hand-done and unique.  Mary Hobbs’ pencil paintings are a lengthy process using layer upon layer of vegetable and wax translucent color. This achieves a realistic, warm result.

She also works in mixed media, graphite and charcoal.

All paintings are done on archival and acid-free, fine quality board which insures the longevity of your painting.

All paintings are worked from photographs. Mary takes her own or, if not possible, borrows many of your snapshots.

A non-refundable $150.00 down payment is the only requirement. This enables her to make many sketches and place the subject in various choices of size and price.

The $150 is then deducted from the final cost.

Design & Sizes vary, depending on the level of detail.

Prices start at $500 for graphite and $700 for color.

Mary has learned that each subject in the portrait dictates the final choice.

She captures the likeness as well as the very ‘soul’ of the subject.
 – “It’s a gift that I have practiced for forty years and I am eternally grateful!”

To arrange for an original work of art, contact Mary via email: Contact Email Form or call, 440-318-5883

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